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Managing Sickness & Absence in the Workplace

Training for Small Businesses

Managing Sickness and Absence in the Workplace

 Friday 5th May 2017


This event considers the management of both short and longer term sickness absence. There will be a review of the real reasons people absent themselves from work. The course will cover how to devise a plan to maximise attendance and how to help those who are absent return to work.


The course will go on to cover how to handle the unfortunate scenario where an employee is no longer capable of doing their job due to sickness; this includes formal procedures that may be required.

Course Details

This course runs from 08:30 - 10:00 and costs £20 per person

Course Providers

Les Cotils, in partnership with ACAS, and Management Training Consultant Paul Beard, will be offering a mix of communication event options from which you may choose depending on your particular interest and personal development requirements.

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The costs for this course are payable at the time of booking.